Barbara Annis & Associates forging a worldwide movement for 30 years

Barbara Annis, a thought leader in the field of gender differences and diversity, and a global practitioner in the area of improving gender relations in the workplace, first coined the term Gender Intelligence in the early 1990s. Gender Intelligence has since become the basis of the global practice of Barbara Annis & Associates: helping companies become more effective and produce greater, more sustainable results by seeking and blending the contribution of both men and women in unison.


With our proprietary diagnostics tool, we’re able to assess the specific needs of your organization quickly, and move rapidly toward implementation.


Get to the root of the issues quickly with our unique online diagnostic tool and proven process, then watch as we design a training program that’s exactly right for you.


With a network of highly-skilled trainers worldwide, we’re able to offer workshops on a variety of themes connecting to Gender Intelligence in the workplace. Workshops are also available as interactive Webinars, and we offer supplementary E-Learning Courses.


Author and gender specialist Barbara Annis delivers her breakthrough message on Gender Intelligence at conferences and corporate gatherings around the globe. E-Learning brings the training to life with dramatic scenarios in DVD-based learning programs or online.


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